Sunday, February 12, 2012

Let me explain.....

We all have those unfinished projects, unused machines, and dozens of ideas we are just dying to try. This blog is intended to get you to pull out those machines, pans, crafts, yarn, fabric, stamps, stickers, patterned paper, etc. that are probably taking up way too much space in your house!

Me, I don't have a craft room...


Embarrassing enough as it is, this is what my craft area looks like:

Scary, I know.

To top it all off, this is what I see every time I go into my kitchen.


My kitchen.

Interestingly enough, I purposely put my stuff there. Before it was out in the garage, where I never saw it and therefore forgot about how amazingly crafty I am.

You know what happened? I ended up collecting more and more crafty things.

I am a crafting hoarder.

I am working on it.

They should have classes for people like me, and make TV shows were I star as the crazy craft lady. 

Which lead me to believe, I am surely not the only one out there. There has to be crazy craft people like me who own unopened craft supplies, and who have millions of craft ideas they want to try.

SO... if you are looking for an excuse to pull out your old craft supplies and make something fun, you are in the right place!

Join me in taking out all our projects/ideas/and supplies that are collecting dust.... And let's do something about it!

Feel free to suggest project ideas! Email me or leave a comment.

April <3

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